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FUEL x Amazon


Amazon was experiencing unprecedented growth in its workforce staffing across fulfillment services, with an additional 1,200 Level 4 employees recruiting and onboarding one million new workers by the end of 2019, and two million new workers in 2020.

With this growth, Amazon anticipated a critical need for more robust training and development of the L4 employees in order to decrease turnover, increase the number of applicants for these positions, encourage engagement, and optimize the recruiting, hiring and onboarding process. Amazon needed to keep the frontline stable while creating a scalable training solution.

Amazon Workforce Staffing Learning + Development

The Amazon Training Curriculum

With a preference for bite-sized, skill-based content, Amazon learners were drawn to a modular library of content that engaged and excited them to improve their skills immediately. Modeling desired behaviors in a number of different training modalities, we impacted change through consistent messaging that both built new skills and reinforced exceptional performance.

Scalable, Modular Content

FUEL created a framework of learning strategy by incorporating new and existing content while dialing into the behaviors that had the largest proven impact on the business. By siloing the content and determining which areas need to be delivered in a specific modality, we developed modules that were short, but had a big impact. New modules were added using Rapid Instructional Design methodology, with iterative design and deployment.

iPad showing Amazon Workforce Staffing Training Modules

Content Engagement

New employees needed to be engaged in the onboarding process from the moment of offer acceptance. The Learn at Amazon platform encouraged users to start training on specific topics that created awareness around Amazon culture, policies and procedures right away. This allowed new L4 employees to come into the classroom prepared to work on skill-based activities that could be applied on the job immediately. Mobile performance support and coaching by L5 facilitators rounded out the blended-learning experience.

Phased Roll-Out

In order to deliver the right training at the right time, we implemented a phased roll out of the L4 onboarding topics while concurrently training the L5 facilitators to train and coach the new employees. This cascade effect continued as we added modules to the content engagement system and identified topics for live instructor-led, virtual instructor-led, and web-based training modules as well as mobile performance support and coaching content to reinforce and remediate behaviors.


Beyond the initial launch, 24G’s training systems and methodologies expanded from its base level to incorporate new modules as user demand required. The methodologies allowed for a robust list of training activities including: Mobile-native virtual challenges and quizzes, enhanced site access for power users, personalized training feeds based on job ID or job level, integration with third party employee sourcing software, and custom admin access for KPI management and region-specific oversight.

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