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FUEL Crew on location shooting content with influencer

Innovative education for today's learner.

Our educational and communications solutions are designed for human-first engagement. The programs we create highlight and celebrate wins, meet challenges head-on, and effectively move learners to a place of excitement and action.

We fuel engagement and learning.

Our in-house team designs blended-learning strategies, which are beneficial for geographically diverse workforces. We create programs that fuel passion and drive results through eLearning, rapid instructional design, game-based learning, and programs with media-rich content. 


We service a wide range of industries and have extensive experience developing programs for automotive manufacturers, suppliers, eCommerce & fulfillment centers, franchises, large retail networks, and the service industry.

Looking for a way to increase employee engagement and customer satisfaction?

Outdated material and training curriculum costs you time and money.  It decreases both employee engagement and customer satisfaction.  But how do you fix it? It’s simple.  Book a demo and let FUEL show you how to achieve the results your organization needs.

We get our clients.

iPad showing Amazon Workforce Staffing module menu


The Challenge

Amazon was experiencing unprecedented growth in its workforce staffing across fulfillment services, with an additional 1,200 Level 4 employees recruiting and onboarding one million new workers by the end of 2019, and two million new workers in 2020.

The Solution

With a preference for bite-sized, skill-based content, Amazon learners were drawn to a modularized library of content that engaged and excited them to improve their skills immediately.

The Result

Beyond the initial launch, 24G’s training systems and methodologies expanded from its base level to incorporate new modules as user demand required.

FUEL crew members in the studio

You expect results.
We deliver them.

We have over 15 years of experience and expertise helping clients and their staff improve learning and engagement.

We combine robust media production services with innovative learning solutions to create user experiences that drive better business outcomes.

Whether you are looking for an innovative strategy or a blend of new and existing content, our credentialed instructional designers are experts in talent development.

At our core, we drive behavior change through modern learning interventions.


Fuel learning at your company.

See how FUEL can make a difference for your company.

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