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FUEL Learning Services

Fuel Learning Services delivers learning content that is bold, binge-worthy, and available on demand from their own devices.


Our Services

Modern learning strategies are infused into everything we do, allowing us to deliver the right learning content at the right time. With our in-house team activated, clients enjoy a full-service experience—from ideation to execution and everything in between—including collaboration with your other content vendors for a seamless end-user experience.



Our holistic approach to communication and learning ensures that all existing assets and programs within your ecosystem are leveraged. Capturing the voice and values of your brand, we infuse our blended learning model to create contemporary brand experiences—breathing new life into your communications and training programs.

Co-workers discussing learning strategies
Several screen shots of Audi Mystery Shop Gamified Learning Tool



FUEL curriculum planning and execution prepares your workforce by deploying role-specific coursework at key moments for peak performance and improvement. By aligning content with focused learning objectives, we create a roadmap that unifies, aids, and directs the learner's progress.



Leveraging media best practices, we create content audiences remember and return to time and time again. Equipped with state-of-the-art creative facilities and technologies, the FUEL media crew works hand-in-hand with our instructional designers to align long-term curriculum objectives with timely, cost-effective content production.

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Video editor working on desktop computer



Our courseware development team takes standard training programs to the next level by integrating immersive, branded, learning experiences. We engage learners with high levels of interactivity, utilizing leading courseware authoring, custom code, and learning design practices.



Our Experienced L&D team enhances organizational learning at every stage, from curriculum architecture and evaluation to the learning academy's launch/roll-out. We pride ourselves on providing full-service support all the way to the finish line.

FUEL team working on multiple devices

We build long-lasting relationships with our clients.



The Challenge

The global pandemic canceled in-person training. In the midst of quickly shifting to online learning, social unrest and the need for awareness around diversity and inclusion were pushed squarely to center stage.

The Solution

With a focus on adult learners who needed to consume training in short bursts throughout the work-day, the Diversity Spotlight and Positive Strides series were developed.

The Result

The content itself required special consideration. Care was taken to treat each topic in a way that was engaging to learners who were already receptive to the message while not alienating learners who may have had opposing viewpoints.

Laptop showing VW Cup with Diversity and Inclusion Training

Who we work with.

See how our unique process, expertise and creative talent has helped hundreds of companies develop and sustain compelling and effective learning programs/academies.

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