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FUEL x Volkswagen


In the spring of 2021, Volkswagen (and the world) was facing unprecedented challenges. The global pandemic canceled in-person training. In the midst of quickly shifting to online learning, social unrest and the need for awareness around diversity and inclusion were pushed squarely to center stage. The company needed to deliver relevant, timely, and emotionally intelligent content to more than 15,000 learners virtually.

VW Cup DE&I Challenge Job Aids and iPad screen

With a focus on adult learners who needed to consume training in short bursts throughout the work-day, the Diversity Spotlight and Positive Strides series were developed. A combination of light yet impactful animated shorts, interactive learning activities, video interviews, and downloadable job aids brought awareness of a sensitive topic to a large group of learners across the spectrum of political and social beliefs.

VW Cup Video Challenges

The content was grouped into “challenges,” including multiple delivery formats that engaged all learning styles. Each delivery asset type was tailored to best meet the learning objectives. Animated videos built awareness, and interactive modules increased knowledge. Video interviews promoted a sense of community. Job aids could be downloaded and used to hone social skills. The content itself required special consideration. Care was taken to treat each topic in a way that was engaging to learners who were already receptive to the message, while not alienating learners who may have had opposing viewpoints.

The interval between challenges was purposely calculated to maintain engagement without overwhelming the learners with new content. Larger challenges were delivered quarterly, with individual assets in between to celebrate awareness months such as Black History, Women’s History, and more.

Volkswagen Employees

FUEL Logo x Volkswagen Logo


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